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Ágoston Kaposi, Zoltán Kolarovszki, Adrián Solymos, Zoltán Zimborás (May 03 2024).

Abstract: Unitary designs are essential tools in several quantum information protocols. Similarly to other design concepts, unitary designs are mainly used to facilitate averaging over a relevant space, in this case, the unitary group $\mathrm{U}(d)$. While it is known that exact unitary $t$-designs exist for any degree $t$ and dimension $d$, the most appealing type of designs, group designs (in which the elements of the design form a group), can provide at most $3$-designs. Moreover, even group $2$-designs can only exist in limited dimensions. In this paper, we present novel construction methods for creating exact generalized group designs based on the representation theory of the unitary group and its finite subgroups that overcome the $4$-design-barrier of unitary group designs. Furthermore, a construction is presented for creating generalized group $2$-designs in arbitrary dimensions.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2405.00919