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Atul Singh Arora, Jérémie Roland, Chrysoula Vlachou, Stephan Weis (Feb 27 2024).

Abstract: Weak coin flipping is an important cryptographic primitive – it is the strongest known secure two-party computation primitive that classically becomes secure only under certain assumptions (e.g. computational hardness), while quantumly there exist protocols that achieve arbitrarily close to perfect security. This breakthrough result was established by Mochon in 2007 [arXiv:0711.4114]. However, his proof relied on the existence of certain unitary operators which was established by a non-constructive argument. Consequently, explicit protocols have remained elusive. In this work, we give exact constructions of related unitary operators. These, together with a new formalism, yield a family of protocols approaching perfect security thereby also simplifying Mochon’s proof of existence. We illustrate the construction of explicit weak coin flipping protocols by considering concrete examples (from the aforementioned family of protocols) that are more secure than all previously known protocols.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2402.15855