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Yingkai Ouyang (Feb 07 2024).

Abstract: Quantum measurements are ubiquitous in quantum information processing tasks, but errors can render their outputs unreliable. Here, we present a scheme that implements a robust projective measurement through measuring code-inspired observables. Namely, given a projective POVM, a classical code and a constraint on the number of measurement outcomes each observable can have, we construct commuting observables whose measurement is equivalent to the projective measurement in the noiseless setting. Moreover, we can correct $t$ errors on the classical outcomes of the observables’ measurement if the classical code corrects $t$ errors. Since our scheme does not require the encoding of quantum data onto a quantum error correction code, it can help construct robust measurements for near-term quantum algorithms that do not use quantum error correction. Moreover, our scheme works for any projective POVM, and hence can allow robust syndrome extraction procedures in non-stabilizer quantum error correction codes.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2402.04093