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      Oh yes! I have participated in the one in Delft in 2019 - it was my first quantum hackathon back then!

      This was one of the results: https://github.com/PEQI19/openssl-qkd

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      The Quantum Internet Alliance is organizing its Pan-European Hackathon. It is possible to register at one of the four nodes: Delft, Dresden, Poznan and Paris.

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      Nice ! What experience level is needed and how much time does it take to be a decent competitor ?

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        Regarding the time, the best is to dedicate the whole two days to the event. Usually, the people joining this event have very different backgrounds, and the teams end up mixing different skills. What I mean is that you don’t necessarily need to be an expert of quantum coms/crypto to join and enjoy. You can even join for the sole purpose of learning, and if you’re interested in the topic in general, there is a good chance that you will bring something usefull to your team.

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      This is a great initiative!