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Xie Chen, Michael Hermele, David T. Stephen (Feb 07 2024).

Abstract: In previous work, it was shown that non-trivial gapped states can be generated from a product state using a sequential quantum circuit. Explicit circuit constructions were given for a variety of gapped states at exactly solvable fixed points. In this paper, we show that a similar generation procedure can be established for chiral topological states as well, despite the fact that they lack an exactly solvable form. Instead of sequentially applying local unitary gates, we sequentially evolve the Hamiltonian by changing local terms in one subregion and then the next. The Hamiltonian remains gapped throughout the process, giving rise to an adiabatic evolution mapping the ground state from a product state to a chiral topological state. We demonstrate such a sequential adiabatic generation process for free fermion chiral states like the Chern Insulator and the $p+ip$ superconductor. Moreover, we show that coupling a quantum state to a discrete gauge group can be achieved through a sequential quantum circuit, thereby generating interacting chiral topological states from the free fermion ones.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2402.03433