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      C12QE | Lead Quantum Computing Scientist | Full-time | Paris, France

      C12 Quantum Electronics uniquely uses carbon nanotubes as the fundamental building blocks of its quantum processor. This high-purity material minimises errors, radically improves performance and reduces hardware overhead for fault-tolerant computing. Combined with well-established semiconductor techniques, carbon nanotubes will help scale quantum computing, just as silicon revolutionised classical computing. Founded in 2020, C12 Quantum Electronics is a fast-growing start-up, having raised a seed round of USD 10 million in June 2021 and building its own lab space in the centre of Paris. For more information, please visit: https://apply.workable.com/c12-quantum-electronics/j/BA4011C9B6/ Contact: careers@c12qe.com

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      Position: Software Engineer (Quantum Simulations) - Cambridge - Hybrid. In the office 2/3 days per week.

      About us: Quantinuum - Our mission is to accelerate quantum computing and use its power to positively transform the world. By applying the laws of quantum physics to computing, we will achieve unprecedented breakthroughs in drug discovery, healthcare, materials science, cybersecurity, energy transformation, and climate change. With almost 500 employees, including 370+ scientists and engineers, Quantinuum leads the quantum computing revolution across continents.

      The role: We are looking for a software engineer to join our Cambridge-based quantum software team. You will have a key role in the design and implementation of a new high-performance quantum simulator. This will involve learning new algorithmic techniques and exploiting the latest technology to realise them. You’ll be working closely with researchers and engineers both in the UK and the US.

      What we need: This position requires a background in computer science or scientific computation. The position involves software development primarily in C++ and Python. You will be collaborating with a small team, and will have input in the entire development process through research, design, programming and testing. You will have the freedom to think independently and creatively in the team and make a real impact.

      How to apply please use this link: https://jobs.eu.lever.co/quantinuum/b1273f26-0529-454a-9864-a36f9ecf64d7?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=aqora For more information and to view all of our 30 current global positions please visit: www.quantinuum.com/careers We are recruiting in all of our offices Cambridge, London, Oxford, Germany, Japan, Minnesota, Colorado Bloomfield and remote positions in some locations.
      We are also recruiting for various intern positions in UK and the US

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      BMW Group | PhD Candidate Quantum Chemistry for Batteries | Full-time | Munich, Germany

      Bridging the gap between your doctoral studies and the kind of career challenge you’re looking for isn’t always easy. That’s why our ProMotion PhD programme gives you the opportunity to apply your passion and scientific expertise to very real challenges that could shape the future of mobility. If selected, you’ll have the chance to really develop your own future career path with us through your practice-related thesis, promote your chosen specialty from within – and position yourself to secure the career you’ve always wanted.

      We, the BMW Group, offer you an interesting and varied Ph.D. program in the area of Quantum Chemistry for Batteries.

      To ensure that battery cells operate efficiently over time, it is necessary to have a better understanding of battery chemistry and its connection to mechanical and electrical properties. Simulating cell chemistry at various levels, from atomistic to bulk material, can provide numerical insights into the chemical processes taking place in cells. The quantum computational chemistry team focuses on developing and applying quantum computing and quantum chemistry methods for molecules, materials, and chemical processes. We offer you an interesting position in quantum computing and quantum Chemistry.


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      Chalmers University of Technology | PhD Student in Quantum error correction | Full-time | Gothenburg, Sweden

      The Physics Department at the University of Gothenburg announces a position as PhD student, working on quantum error correction. A vital ingredient to realizing the promises of quantum computing is to implement quantum error correction to compensate for intrinsically noisy qubits. The research group works broadly on topics within quantum computing, with a focus on quantum error correction, where we develop new codes and new decoders. A particular area of interest is to use techniques within machine learning, such as deep reinforcement learning and graph neural networks, but methods within statistical physics, such as Monte-Carlo and tensor network-based algorithms are also used. The group is part of the Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology, that provides a large and active environment of researchers and PhD students working on a wide range of topics within quantum technology and quantum information.

      For more information, please visit: https://web103.reachmee.com/ext/I005/1035/job?site=7&lang=UK&validator=9b89bead79bb7258ad55c8d75228e5b7&job_id=33076

      note: I am not the one offering this position

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      If this could become a quarterly thing this would be great ;)

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      Quantum Computing Project Manager M/F

      Quantum Computing technologies have tremendously grown over the past few years, expected to revolutionize computation capabilities around the end of the decade, enabling calculations formerly impossible. TotalEnergies wants to leverage on this coming breakthrough: identifying early beneficiary applications, evaluating algorithms, and progressively building skills, with confidence that our recognized experienced in numerical topics (Large Scale Simulations, Machine Learning, Computational Chemistry etc..) will be disrupted by Quantum Computing techniques.

      In this context, TotalEnergies OneTech recruits a Quantum Computing Project Manager M/F.

      Position is based in Saclay (France, 91)


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      Quantinuum | Quantum Compiler Engineer | Full-Time | Broomfield, CO

      Our compiler team is at the forefront of bridging the gap between groundbreaking quantum applications and the unparalleled computing power of quantum machines. As a Quantum Compiler Engineer, you are invited to join an interdisciplinary team of physicists and software developers dedicated to transforming platform agnostic quantum algorithms into concrete, executable instructions tailored for our state-of-the-art trapped-ion quantum computers.

      More info: https://jobs.eu.lever.co/quantinuum/092ba9b5-9dee-4ba3-b4df-edde9bffe51d

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      Hi! Capgemini has an open position on quantum chemistry, take a look here https://www.capgemini.com/gb-en/jobs/BEso0I0BbOa51rAnixGw/scientific-quantum-development-lead/

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      33 openings here –> https://www.pasqal.com/careers

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        Could you post with the same format as the other openings ?