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Jakab Nádori, Gregory Morse, Zita Majnay-Takács, Zoltán Zimborás, Péter Rakyta (Feb 09 2024).

Abstract: Variational quantum algorithms are viewed as promising candidates for demonstrating quantum advantage on near-term devices. These approaches typically involve the training of parameterized quantum circuits through a classical optimization loop. However, they often encounter challenges attributed to the exponentially diminishing gradient components, known as the barren plateau (BP) problem. This work introduces a novel optimization method designed to alleviate the adverse effects of BPs during circuit training. Our approach to select the optimization search direction relies on the distant features of the cost-function landscape. This enables the optimization path to navigate around barren plateaus without the need for external control mechanisms. We have successfully applied our optimization strategy to quantum circuits comprising $16$ qubits and $15000$ entangling gates, demonstrating robust resistance against BPs. Additionally, we have extended our optimization strategy by incorporating an evolutionary selection framework, enhancing its ability to avoid local minima in the landscape. The modified algorithm has been successfully utilized in quantum gate synthesis applications, showcasing a significantly improved efficiency in generating highly compressed quantum circuits compared to traditional gradient-based optimization approaches.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2402.05227