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Junpeng Hu, Shi Jin, Nana Liu, Lei Zhang (Mar 18 2024).

Abstract: Quantum computing has emerged as a promising avenue for achieving significant speedup, particularly in large-scale PDE simulations, compared to classical computing. One of the main quantum approaches involves utilizing Hamiltonian simulation, which is directly applicable only to Schrödinger-type equations. To address this limitation, Schrödingerisation techniques have been developed, employing the warped transformation to convert general linear PDEs into Schrödinger-type equations. However, despite the development of Schrödingerisation techniques, the explicit implementation of the corresponding quantum circuit for solving general PDEs remains to be designed. In this paper, we present detailed implementation of a quantum algorithm for general PDEs using Schrödingerisation techniques. We provide examples of the heat equation, and the advection equation approximated by the upwind scheme, to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach. Complexity analysis is also carried out to demonstrate the quantum advantages of these algorithms in high dimensions over their classical counterparts.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2403.10032