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Shiroman Prakash, Tanay Saha (Mar 12 2024).

Abstract: We construct a family of $[9m-k, k, 2]_3$ triorthogonal codes, for $k\leq 3m-2$, for qutrit magic state distillation with low overhead. The overhead cost of a magic state distillation routine is characterized by the yield parameter $\gamma = \log_d \left( \frac{n}{k} \right)$. When $k=3m-2$, the codes have yield parameter $\gamma = \log_2 (2+\frac{6}{3 m-2})$, which tends to $1$ as $m \to \infty$. Moreover, the $[20,7,2]_3$ qutrit code that arises when $m=3$ already has a yield parameter of $1.51$ which outperforms all known qubit triorthogonal codes of size less than a few hundred qubits. We also find that the $[17,1,2]_3$ code distills magic states with a higher noise threshold than previously known qutrit triorthogonal codes.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2403.06228