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Rishabh Batra, Rahul Jain (Apr 05 2024).

Abstract: One-way state generators (OWSG) are natural quantum analogs to classical one-way functions. We show that $O\left(\frac{n}{\log(n)}\right)$-copy OWSGs ($n$ represents the input length) are equivalent to $poly(n)$-copy OWSG and to quantum commitments. Since known results show that $o\left(\frac{n}{\log(n)}\right)$-copy OWSG cannot imply commitments, this shows that $O\left(\frac{n}{\log(n)}\right)$-copy OWSGs are the weakest OWSGs from which we can get commitments (and hence much of quantum cryptography). Our construction follows along the lines of HÃ¥stad, Impagliazzo, Levin and Luby [HILL], who obtained classical pseudorandom generators (PRG) from classical one-way functions (OWF), however with crucial modifications. Our construction, when applied to the classical case, provides an alternative to the construction provided by [HILL]. Since we do not argue conditioned on the output of the one-way function, our construction and analysis are arguably simpler and may be of independent interest.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2404.03220