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Po-Shen Hsin, David T. Stephen, Arpit Dua, Dominic J. Williamson (Mar 15 2024).

Abstract: Topological quantum matter exhibits a range of exotic phenomena when enriched by subdimensional symmetries. This includes new features beyond those that appear in the conventional setting of global symmetry enrichment. A recently discovered example is a type of subsystem symmetry fractionalization that occurs through a different mechanism to global symmetry fractionalization. In this work we extend the study of subsystem symmetry fractionalization through new examples derived from the general principle of embedding subsystem symmetry into higher-form symmetry. This leads to new types of symmetry fractionalization that are described by foliation dependent higher-form symmetries. This leads to field theories and lattice models that support previously unseen anomalous subsystem symmetry fractionalization. Our work expands the range of exotic topological physics that is enabled by subsystem symmetry in field theory and on the lattice.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2403.09098