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Federico Belliardo, Fabio Zoratti, Vittorio Giovannetti (Mar 12 2024).

Abstract: An important practical problem in the field of quantum metrology and sensors is to find the optimal sequences of controls for the quantum probe that realize optimal adaptive estimation. In Belliardo et al., arXiv:2312.16985 (2023), we solved this problem in general, by introducing a procedure capable of optimizing a wide range of tasks in quantum metrology and estimation by combining model-aware reinforcement learning with Bayesian inference. We take a model-based approach to the optimisation where the physics describing the system is explicitly taken into account in the training through automatic differentiation. In this follow-up paper we present some applications of the framework. The first family of examples concerns the estimation of magnetic fields, hyperfine interactions, and decoherence times for electronic spins in diamond. For these examples, we perform multiple Ramsey measurements on the spin. The second family of applications concerns the estimation of phases and coherent states on photonic circuits, without squeezing elements, where the bosonic lines are measured by photon counters. This exposition showcases the broad applicability of the method, which has been implemented in the qsensoropt library released on PyPI, which can be installed with pip.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2403.05706