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David T. Stephen, Oliver Hart (Apr 26 2024).

Abstract: In the era of noisy, intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices, the efficient preparation of many-body resource states is a task of paramount importance. In this paper we focus on the deterministic preparation of matrix-product states (MPS) in constant depth by utilizing measurements and classical communication to fuse smaller states into larger ones. We place strong constraints on the MPS that can be prepared using this method, which we refer to as MPS fusion. Namely, we establish that it is necessary for the MPS to have a flat entanglement spectrum. Using the recently introduced split-index MPS (SIMPS) representation, we then introduce a family of states that belong to interesting phases of matter protected by non-onsite symmetries and serve as resources for long-range quantum teleportation, but which lie beyond the scope of ordinary MPS fusion. It is shown constructively that these states can be prepared in constant depth using a broader class of measurement-assisted protocols, which we dub SIMPS fusion. Even in cases when MPS fusion is possible, using SIMPS fusion can give rise to significantly reduced resource overhead. Our results therefore simultaneously establish the boundaries of conventional MPS fusion and push the envelope of which states can be prepared using measurement-assisted protocols.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2404.16360