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Benchi Zhao, Kosuke Ito, Keisuke Fujii (Apr 11 2024).

Abstract: Channel simulation using coherence, which refers to realizing a target channel with coherent states and free operations, is a fundamental problem in quantum resource theory. The limitations of the accuracy of deterministic channel simulation motivate us to consider the more general probabilistic framework. In this work, we show the relation between the maximal success probability and the accuracy of channel simulation with free operations. When the chosen free operation is the maximally incoherent operation (MIO), we provide an efficiently computable semidefinite program (SDP) to calculate the maximal success probability and derive the analytic expression of success probability for some special cases. When the chosen free operation is dephasing-covariant incoherent operations (DIO), it is proved that if the target channel is not a resource nonactivating channel, then one cannot simulate it exactly both deterministically and probabilistically. The SDP for maximal success probability of simulating channel by DIO is also given correspondingly.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2404.06775