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Martin Plávala, Otfried Gühne, Marco Túlio Quintino (Mar 19 2024).

Abstract: Bell nonlocality is a fundamental phenomenon of quantum physics as well as an essential resource for various tasks in quantum information processing. It is known that for the observation of nonlocality the measurements on a quantum system have to be incompatible, but the question which incompatible measurements are useful, remained open. Here we prove that any set of incompatible measurements on qubits leads to a violation of a suitable Bell inequality in a multiparticle scenario, where all parties perform the same set of measurements. Since there exists incompatible measurements on qubits which do not lead to Bell nonlocality for two particles, our results demonstrate a fundamental difference between two-particle and multi-particle nonlocality, pointing at the superactivation of measurement incompatibility as a resource. In addition, our results imply that measurement incompatibility for qubits can always be certified in a device-independent manner.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2403.10564