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Kasra Hejazi, Modjtaba Shokrian Zini, Juan Miguel Arrazola (Feb 19 2024).

Abstract: Product formulas are one of the main approaches for quantum simulation of the Hamiltonian dynamics of a quantum system. Their implementation cost is computed based on error bounds which are often pessimistic, resulting in overestimating the total runtime. In this work, we rigorously consider the error induced by product formulas when the state undergoing time evolution lies in the low-energy sector with respect to the Hamiltonian of the system. We show that in such a setting, the usual error bounds based on the operator norm of nested commutators can be replaced by those restricted to suitably chosen low-energy subspaces, yielding tighter error bounds. Furthermore, under some locality and positivity assumptions, we show that the simulation of generic product formulas acting on low-energy states can be done asymptotically more efficiently when compared with previous results.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2402.10362