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      VeriQloud: Researcher in Quantum Cloud Computing

      About Us

      VeriQloud is a company specializing in designing network hardware and software for cybersecurity. The solutions we develop span different time horizons. In particular, several of our projects are related to the issue of accessing quantum computing resources remotely, and specifically the security issues raised by this setup Even today, executing quantum algorithms in the cloud is largely limited due to the sensitivity of the data used. One solution to this problem is blind quantum computing, which allows delegating an encrypted version of the program to be executed to a remote operator, thus preserving the security of the data being processed. VeriQloud has been involved in several projects related to implementing this technique in a real-world environment, with the necessary adaptations from theory to practice.

      Your Role

      As a quantum cryptography researcher, you will be involved in a collaborative European project aimed at ensuring the security of quantum computing in the cloud. Within the HSM-QCC consortium, you will collaborate with several companies and universities to develop a trusted execution environment for quantum computing. Your work will initially involve designing and simulating such an environment, and then collaborating to implement a solution on a concrete quantum computing architecture. Ultimately, the project aims to commercialize the solution developed in this research and development project.


      • Conduct in-depth research in the field of secure cloud quantum computing.
      • Develop, in collaboration with academics, quantum computing models suitable for a cloud infrastructure.
      • Develop secure quantum computing simulations in standard environments.
      • Publish research results in renowned conferences and journals.
      • Collaborate with academic and industrial partners.


      • Ph.D. in computer science, mathematics, physics, or a related field.
      • Experience in cryptographic research, ideally in quantum cryptography.
      • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, C++, Rust, or Q#.
      • Ability to work independently and in a team.
      • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.

      Why Join Us?

      • Be part of a dynamic and rapidly growing company at the heart of the French quantum ecosystem.
      • Work on challenging problems never tackled before.
      • Collaborate with global experts in the field of quantum computing security.

      Apply Now!

      If you are passionate about cryptography and quantum computing, and want to advance research in this exciting field, send your CV, a cover letter, and at least two references to email address kaplan@veriqloud.com

      We look forward to receiving your application!

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      World-leading technologies don’t make it into a BMW until they’ve undergone one of the most challenging journeys imaginable. It takes dynamic teams with outstanding technical skills to take them from the drawing board to the road. That’s why our experts will treat you as part of the team from day one, encourage you to bring your own ideas to the table – and give you the opportunity to really show what you can do. At BMW Group, we offer you an interesting and varied working student occupation in the area of Quantum Chemsitry and Quantum computing. The quantum computational chemistry team focuses on developing and applying quantum computing and quantum chemistry methods together for molecules, materials, and chemical processes.

      • You will work as a working student in quantum computational chemistry, with a focus on multiscale modeling of materials deformation processes.
      • You will develop and apply advanced algorithms in quantum chemistry and quantum computing to model the electro-chemical and thermodynamical properties of battery materials.
      • You will actively participate in technical discussions with our experts in quantum computing and battery simulation.

      Enjoying learning new things and broaden your horizon? Apply now via: https://www.bmwgroup.jobs/de/en/jobfinder/job-description-copy.123635.content.html

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      BMW Group’s Central Invention offers a research intern position in the area of Quantum Computing for Multiphysics Modeling. Numerical simulation of physical processes (aerodynamics, crashworthiness, heat transfer in batteries and engines, to name a few) is at the core of BMW Group’s activities. Modern state-of-the-art industrial solutions represents a compromise between numerical accuracy and computational cost, thus, increasing the number of physical tests in production. The goal of the project is to explore quantum technology to power rapid and predictive numerical simulation allowing to reduce the number of physical prototypes for more optimal, safe, and sustainable production.

      What awaits you:

      • Understanding the challenges of industrial numerical simulations and state-of-the-art solutions.
      • Learning the specifics of different classical and quantum deterministic and variational approaches, access to the solvers.
      • Application of available classical and quantum solutions to 2D-3D toy and realistic examples for analysis and benchmarking.
      • Executing the numerical experiments on classical HPC, Quantum emulators and hardware.
      • Experiencing the research environment in a big corporate in the team of young and talented scientists and engineers.

      You are enthused by new technologies and an innovative environment? Apply now via: https://jobs.bmwgroup.com/job/Munich-Intern-Quantum-Computing-%28fmx%29/1047818801/

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      Intern/Working Student - Quantum Algorithm & Applications (m/f/x) | in Munich and Frankfurt

      Quantagonia, a pioneering force in Quantum Computing, is seeking a passionate intern / working student in Quantum Algorithms & Applications. It’s your chance to join and collaborate with our dynamic team of experts in Quantum Computing, HPC, and algorithm development. If you enjoy working on challenging problems while taking responsibility, you’ve come to the right place!
We’ve recently completed our seed funding round and have been featured in major publications such as Handelsblatt and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). If you want to learn more about Quantagonia, visit our website or listen to our latest Startup Insider Podcast.

      Please note that you must be an EU citizen for this position or have work authorization for the EU!


      • Conduct research, design, and implement quantum algorithmic solutions to address real-world problems in ML/AI, optimization, or simulation (with the potential to publish your findings).
      • Contribute to the development of quantum code synthesis approaches.
      • Collaborate with the applications team to analyze customer code and customize quantum algorithms, including their integration into classical application codes.

      ‍ Requirements

      • Prior experience with a major Quantum Computing Framework (preferably Qiskit) and familiarity with NISQ quantum computer development processes.
      • You are currently pursuing or have obtained an MSc or higher degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, or a related field from a reputable university, or a proven track record in solving complex mathematical problems.
      • Practical experience in designing and implementing algorithmic solutions, acquired through academic or industrial involvement, including contributions to open source projects.
      • The on-site work is in Frankfurt am Main or Munich.

      ‍ Benefits

      • Enjoy a flexible blend of remote and on-site work, tailored to your needs, keeping you motivated and productive.
      • Receive a fair wage that recognizes your value and contribution.
      • Shape the future with cutting-edge research, tackling exciting challenges, and making a lasting impact.
      • Experience flat hierarchies and an open approach to personal development within the team.
      • Benefit from unbeatable opportunities for personal growth through close connections with founders, industry experts, and top students ‍ About Us Based in Germany, Quantagonia is at the cutting edge of Quantum Computing, helping companies apply it to their businesses to create game-changing strategic advantages. This is your opportunity to have a significant positive impact on the growth of a company, build your own skillset, and experience the satisfaction of working at the forefront of a category that will shape the future of society.

      Apply here: https://www.quantagonia.com/jobs/working-student-quantum-algorithm-and-application

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      Aqora | Head of Sales | Full-time | ONSITE Paris, France

      About Us:

      We help corporations quickly get winning results by constructing, launching, and managing quantum computing challenges. Think Kaggle but for quantum computing. We have a history of orchestrating successful quantum hackathons around the globe, partnering with major industry players. These collaborations have already yielded six-figure revenues, with more such ventures in the pipeline. With the development of our quantum competitions platform underway and our first demo MVP now live, we are seeking an exceptional Head of Sales to lead our revenue growth and build lasting client relationships.

      What you will be doing:

      • Sales strategy setting: align sales efforts and ambitions with aqora’s long-term goals.
      • Business development: Analyze growth opportunities, identify potential customers, and generate new business opportunities for the company.
      • Client relationship management: Manage and nurture new customer relationships to drive revenue growth.
      • Pipeline Building: Keep a healthy pipeline through strategic outreach and prospecting.
      • Sales performance optimization: Utilize data-driven approaches to enhance commercial performance.
      • Product enhancement: actively seeking and understanding customer feedback to drive product development.

      What you will need:

      • Experience of 3+ years in sales, preferably in B2B or technology-related fields
      • Background or exposure to Quantum Computing
      • Proven track record of hitting quota and running activities on your own
      • Entrepreneurial spirit
      • Excellent communication and presentation skills
      • Demonstrable commercial experience in dealing with technical Senior VP levels
      • Experience in creating and executing business development strategies
      • Customer-focused mindset with a dedication to providing exceptional service
      • Ability to work as part of a team
      • Know and setup tools, following best practices

      This opportunity is a chance to shape the foundation of Aqora and make a significant impact in the quantum computing field.

      What we offer:

      • Competitive salary and benefits package.
      • Equity options for candidates who share our vision.
      • Workspace at Station F, Paris’s renowned tech hub.

      Diversity and Inclusion:

      Aqora values diverse perspectives and encourages applications from all backgrounds to build an inclusive and innovative future in quantum computing. We are excited to learn how you can contribute to our team and mission. Be a part of something big.

      Shape the trajectory towards practical quantum computing with Aqora.

      send an email to jannes@aqora.io with your cv