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Isaac H. Kim, Xiang Li, Ting-Chun Lin, John McGreevy, Bowen Shi (Mar 28 2024).

Abstract: Chiral edges of 2+1D systems can have very robust emergent conformal symmetry. When the edge is purely chiral, the Hilbert space of low-energy edge excitations can form a representation of a single Virasoro algebra. We propose a method to systematically extract the generators of the Virasoro algebra from a single ground state wavefunction, using entanglement bootstrap and an input from the edge conformal field theory. We corroborate our construction by numerically verifying the commutation relations of the generators. We also study the unitary flows generated by these operators, whose properties (such as energy and state overlap) are shown numerically to agree with our analytical predictions.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2403.18410