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Christopher Vairogs, Bin Yan (Feb 16 2024).

Abstract: Magic is a critical property of quantum states that plays a pivotal role in fault-tolerant quantum computation. Simultaneously, random states have emerged as a key element in various randomized techniques within contemporary quantum science. In this study, we establish a direct connection between these two notions. More specifically, our research demonstrates that when a subsystem of a quantum state is measured, the resultant projected ensemble of the unmeasured subsystem can exhibit a high degree of randomness that is enhanced by the inherent ‘magic’ of the underlying state. We demonstrate this relationship rigorously for quantum state 2-designs, and present compelling numerical evidence to support its validity for higher-order quantum designs. Our findings suggest an efficient approach for leveraging magic as a resource to generate random quantum states.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2402.10181