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Hongshun Yao, Yu-Ao Chen, Erdong Huang, Kaichu Chen, Xin Wang (Apr 02 2024).

Abstract: Quantum state purification plays a pivotal role in quantum communication and quantum computation, aiming to recover the purified state from multiple copies of an unknown noisy state. This work introduces a general state purification framework designed to achieve the highest fidelity with a specified probability and characterize the associated trade-offs. In particular, for i.i.d. quantum states under depolarizing noise, we propose an explicit purification protocol capable of achieving maximal fidelity with a target probability. Furthermore, we present quantum circuits for implementing the optimal purification protocols via the block encoding technique and propose recursive protocols for stream purification. Finally, we demonstrate the advantages of our protocols in terms of efficiency and flexibility in purifying noisy quantum states under various quantum noise models of interest, showcasing the effectiveness and versatility of our approach.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2404.01138