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Xie-Hang Yu, J. Ignacio Cirac, Pavel Kos, Georgios Styliaris (Apr 26 2024).

Abstract: Efficient characterization of higher dimensional many-body physical states presents significant challenges. In this paper, we propose a new class of Project Entangled Pair State (PEPS) that incorporates two isometric conditions. This new class facilitates the efficient calculation of general local observables and certain two-point correlation functions, which have been previously shown to be intractable for general PEPS, or PEPS with only a single isometric constraint. Despite incorporating two isometric conditions, our class preserves the rich physical structure while enhancing the analytical capabilities. It features a large set of tunable parameters, with only a subleading correction compared to that of general PEPS. Furthermore, we analytically demonstrate that this class can encode universal quantum computations and can represent a transition from topological to trivial order.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2404.16783