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E. Onorati, J. Kitzinger, J. Helsen, M. Ioannou, A. H. Werner, I. Roth, J. Eisert (Mar 08 2024).

Abstract: Randomized measurements are increasingly appreciated as powerful tools to estimate properties of quantum systems, e.g., in the characterization of hybrid classical-quantum computation. On many platforms they constitute natively accessible measurements, serving as the building block of prominent schemes like shadow estimation. In the real world, however, the implementation of the random gates at the core of these schemes is susceptible to various sources of noise and imperfections, strongly limiting the applicability of protocols. To attenuate the impact of this shortcoming, in this work we introduce an error-mitigated method of randomized measurements, giving rise to a robust shadow estimation procedure. On the practical side, we show that error mitigation and shadow estimation can be carried out using the same session of quantum experiments, hence ensuring that we can address and mitigate the noise affecting the randomization measurements. Mathematically, we develop a picture derived from Fourier-transforms to connect randomized benchmarking and shadow estimation. We prove rigorous performance guarantees and show the functioning using comprehensive numerics. More conceptually, we demonstrate that, if properly used, easily accessible data from randomized benchmarking schemes already provide such valuable diagnostic information to inform about the noise dynamics and to assist in quantum learning procedures.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2403.04751