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C. Poole, T. M. Graham, M. A. Perlin, M. Otten, M. Saffman (Apr 30 2024).

Abstract: We propose an implementation of bivariate bicycle codes (Nature \bf 627, 778 (2024)) based on long-range Rydberg gates between stationary neutral atom qubits. An optimized layout of data and ancilla qubits reduces the maximum Euclidean communication distance needed for non-local parity check operators. An optimized Rydberg gate pulse design enables $\sf CZ$ entangling operations with fidelity ${\mathcal F}>0.999$ at a distance greater than $12~\mu\rm m$. The combination of optimized layout and gate design leads to a quantum error correction cycle time of $\sim 1.2~\rm ms$ for a $[[144,12,12]]$ code, an order of magnitude improvement over previous designs.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2404.18809