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V. Vilasini, Roger Colbeck (Feb 21 2024).

Abstract: Relativistic causality principles constrain information processing possibilities in space-time. No superluminal causation (NSC) and no superluminal signaling (NSS) are two such principles which, although related, are distinct. In this work we study the consequence of these principles by considering the tasks of generating non-classical correlations within two space-time configurations. Considering theories constrained by NSC, we show that the first task is impossible in any classical theory and the second is impossible in any (possibly non-classical) theory. However, we construct a protocol enabling non-classical correlations to be generated in both configurations in a theory restricted by the weaker NSS principle. To do so we exploit theories that allow an effect called jamming. In our realisation, non-communicating agents sharing classical resources and assisted by jamming, can generate PR-box correlations. Using this protocol the violation of NSC without violating NSS would be verifiable. We discuss the implications of these findings for the speed of generation of non-classical correlations. Our work offers insights into the differences in information processing power of theories constrained by NSC, NSS and other relativistic causality principles.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2402.12446