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Jiace Sun, Lixue Cheng, Shi-Xin Zhang (Mar 14 2024).

Abstract: Stabilizer states have been commonly utilized in quantum information, quantum error correction, and quantum circuit simulation due to their simple mathematical structure. In this work, we apply stabilizer states to tackle quantum many-body problems and introduce the concept of stabilizer ground states. We present a simplified equivalent formalism for identifying stabilizer ground states of general Pauli Hamiltonians. Moreover, we also develop an exact and linear-scaled algorithm to obtain stabilizer ground states of 1D local Hamiltonians and thus free from discrete optimization. This proposed theoretical formalism and linear-scaled algorithm are not only applicable to finite-size systems, but also adaptable to infinite periodic systems. The scalability and efficiency of the algorithms are numerically benchmarked on different Hamiltonians. Finally, we demonstrate that stabilizer ground states can find various promising applications including better design on variational quantum algorithms, qualitative understanding of phase transitions, and cornerstones for more advanced ground state ansatzes.

Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2403.08441